Tuesday, 11 December 2012

I'm an ACoN-Nerd! Your Data, Please!

by Quercus

I realised that as soon as I got excited about doing a post containing Venn diagrams, that my secret was out - I'm a huge nerd.


Where would your blog title fit on this? Please let me know - I'd like to fill it all in and post it, so that readers can find the blogs that best fit with them!

I think it would be best if the author self-categorize - I had a shot at it, but realised pretty quickly that it was difficult to sort the blogs of others!

Update: by special request (the lovely Jessie)

I've got a new chart in the works. I've taken the liberty of adding Jonsi and Gracie to it, because they are our two non-ACoN bloggers and deserve recognition!


For those of you who may have missed the earlier post, here's a reminder about the survey. Follow this link here to the post explaining everything and which has a link to the SurveyMonkey Anonymized Survey.

In a nutshell, it's anonymous, and it's to see (hopefully statistically! I told you - HUGE NERD!) what background and experiences we all break down into. No questions are mandatory, and anonymity is assured (see the link for the full how-what-why). Thank you for adding your data!


  1. Hey! Blue, with a tinge of purple.

    Yellow now, but talk about green a lot, as that was the hard part of childhood.

    Nerds unite :)

  2. I love pretty charts ;).

    I would say that mine is mainly NMOM overlapped with NSIBLING. Dad is definately self centered, but I don't think he is a complete narc... You need another chart for NMILs! ;0 oh, and Nin-laws. Can you make a black oval that says "all of the above"?
    My NM is mostly engulfing and enmeshing, although really I feel more alone in that engulfment than I think I'd feel if she just ignored me. It's hard to be smothered by and stand right in front of someone, and still have them be unable to see you.

    1. Ha ha, thanks Jessie! I will do one for in-laws! Ha ha!

      Oh yes, I know that feeling! I still like my "eaten by the blob" analogy - they engulf you, but they never really get to know you...! ;-) So gross on so many levels. Consumption, not relationship!

      :-D Thanks for your input!

    2. I've labelled the near-black window "The Valley of the Shadow of Death / Witness Protection Program" in my new chart that has ACoN overlapping with Narcissistic In-Laws.

      So far it's just you in there, all by your lonesome. :-(

    3. hahahaha! Yes, me by my lonesome. Sounds about right ;)

  3. Blog's from blowhard Texan's that drink too much and should really get out of the house more often who were raised by homicidal maniacs.


  4. I love venn diagrams such a pretty way to illustrate data in a hurry. Not sure where I fit. Narcissistic parents, awesome sister, not sure about brothers, Cool kids, sometimes engulfing sometimes ignoring. Not sure what it depends on but I keep pushing for ignoring, much easier to deal with now that I accepted no relationship ever. Mostly I am focusing on how I can become healthy and their problems are their problems. I am learning a lot about emotion. More to write about that soon... I need breaks from it sometimes. Hugs. Oh yea, I qualify for being a nerd and proud of it. :)

    1. ACoN Nerds Unite! :-D

      I'll add you to it - the Venn diagrams are up under "Directory". :-) Let me know if you need to be nudged one direction more than another!

      Thanks for contributing, Ruth! You're always so thoughtful and helpful!