Short biographies of a few of our contributing authors and links to their personal blogs or websites can be found on this page.


Quercus is the scapegoat-daughter of an Narcissistic Mother and Enabling Father. She started The ACoN Society in August of 2012 after searching online for a place to 'belong'. The personal blogs of other ACoNs gave her immensely valuable insight into the condition of parental narcissism, and helped her to feel as if she wasn't going insane (gaslighting will do this to you!). She is in her 30s and is over one year into psychotherapy with a competent and compassionate psychologist. She came to the realization that her cold, competitive and envious mother suffered from NPD at about the same time as beginning therapy. She is married and credits a loving husband and faith in God for providing her the support required to face her demons through therapy.
Quercus sincerely encourages all ACoNs to seek competent professional counselling or therapy as the legacy of parental narcissism is an extremely heavy burden to bear (be kind to yourself and get the proper support - you are so worth it, and your life is worth living to the fullest!). There should be no obstacles to mental healthcare, least of all stigma.
Quercus does not have a personal blog (besides operating as Admin for The ACoN Society) -