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Not much of a writer? 
Got something to say, but want to keep your own blog private? 
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Consider writing an article for posting here on The ACoN Society! You can post under a pen name or pseudonym, and you can email me the article (privately) for me to post on your behalf (difficult to trace back).

We'd love to feature articles that are written from your point of view (editorials, opinion pieces, etc.). If your experiences differed from other ACoNs, please do illuminate us!

If you would like to submit an article for consideration, please email it to us at:


At this time, we are accepting new articles in just about any subject related to narcissism. We reserve the right to choose what is posted, however. Submission does not guarantee publication.

Please think over any submissions very carefully prior to sending them our way. Only reveal what you are comfortable with 'anyone from anywhere' reading. You are solely responsible for your own anonymity, and for changing the names and identifying information of anyone you are writing about.

"Featured Blogs" on The ACoN Society

If you're interested in having your blog 'featured' in an upcoming post, please submit an autobiographical 'blurb' or sales pitch for your blog (by email - see address above). Alternatively, if you'd like me to 'review' your blog and do my own 'blurb' on it, please contact me with a link to your blog. I'll write up something, bounce it off of you for approval, and can post it here. Hopefully it'll help to get your blog some more publicity among the online ACoNs!

A mock "Featured Blog" post by Quercus, by way of an example:

Hello! My name is Quercus Garryana, also referred to as "QG". I'm the adult daughter of an enmeshing/engulfing Narcissistic Mother and a weak-willed, wussy Enabling Father. I'm in my thirties, I'm Christian, I'm married, and I'm too scared to spawn offspring. In fact, I'm so scared of my malignant mother that I blog under a pseudonym and I started a blog with the intention of it being really just a central hub site or directory for the blogs of other, braver ACoNs. But it turns out I like to talk, so....!

I started this blog because I really wanted to make it easier for newly-minted ACoNs to stumble across the blogs of other ACoNs that were most useful to them. It took me a long while to discover the blogs that I now follow, and in the intervening time I felt like I was late to a party that I wasn't invited to. I felt pretty lonely - I wanted to interact with other people who could relate to what was happening in my life. I also wanted permission to accept the fact that my NM really was as bad as I was beginning to suspect she was! Between some of these ACoN blogs and a fantastic psychologist (I interviewed quite a few before finding one I felt a good match with), I've been able to make great progress. It hasn't been easy, though. But it has been worth it - life is worth living the way it ought to be lived! Free!

My writing style is messy. I'm a bit of a nerd, my vocabulary is largely academic, and I really can't form a proper sentence or paragraph to save my life! I'm enthusiastic, though, and I think what I bring to 'the ACoN Blogosphere' is a rather dorky penchant for graphs, stats and studies. I've posted quizzes, surveys, even crossword puzzles. I'm an info-phile, and I like facts. But if you scan over my blog, you'll also see a lot of self-expression! Being able to share my feelings with other ACoNs has been truly life-altering for me. I am extremely grateful for this.

I'd like to think that every ACoN would enjoy reading my blog, if only because it points to blogs that may be of real interest to them! I tend to be analytical and quite academic, so my posts can be a little on the dry side for someone who comes blogging to rage and get their angries out (a valid approach, but not this nerd's MO!). I will question flawed logic, particularly when I think it is dangerous for other people to follow it, and I will stay away from conflict and bullying - I get enough of that stuff at home as it is! I truly would prefer to get along with everyone if possible, and I value other opinions and faiths (I'm actually very curious as to how other cultures view parental abuse and malignant narcissism).

In terms of subject matter, I write almost exclusively about my interactions with my NM and other narcissistic females in my life. My weakness has been NFemales - mother, friends, bosses! I seem to have had a blind-spot in this respect. I do have siblings, but not ones I'm close to or ones that are malignantly narcissistic (at least, they aren't actively narc-ing on me!). My husband's family is very different to my NFOO, though interestingly we have identified one malignant narc amongst his relatives - the warning flags are all there! But that's a post for another time!

Please visit my blog, and please feel most welcome to write your own "Featured Blog" plug/blurb and have your blog added to the directory (see the page at top) and to the recommended resources links at right. If you do not have a blog, please feel most encouraged to write your own posts and have them posted here - I would love to share this space with other contributing authors!