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Featured: Gracie's Blog - Confessions from the Fog

by Gracie Carroll 

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A little about me/my blog: 

I am married to a scapegoat ACoN, living with hellish in-laws with control issues and verbal abusive natures up to a year ago. It has been nearly one full year since we have gone no contact with my husband's family and we have never been happier as a couple.

I wanted to create the blog after reading yours and Jonsi's stories as well as reading information on Luke 17:3 ministries site from Sister Renee. After being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder stemming from the abuse I received during our time in contact with these people, I have been through a long, rough road to finding myself again and finding purpose once more after being torn down to nothing. I'm certainly not perfect but have come a long way since first being exposed to N's! My heart is to help those women and people in my shoes, married to those with an N-family causing havoc on their marriage. I have a heart for listening to others, assuring them they are NOT crazy and hoping my words bring some bit of comfort into the crazy mess that is living with N's. I write things I wish someone would have written to me when I was starting out the journey! I want to empower those people and let them know they do not have to live in abuse. 

I think my blog is probably best suited to those starting out or simply those who need an encouraging voice. I'm here to love the people broken and sad enough to even type into the search bar 'abusive in laws' or 'toxic family'. It really does break my heart so many people search for words of comfort and only find things that tell them to live with it and deal with the abuse. (so sad!) I hope to reach people who have gotten terrible advice from family, friends and even pastors (like I have!) to just 'deal with it'. It's something close to my heart and I hope to reach out to people hurting just like I was (still am, at times).

Visit Gracie's Blog, "Confessions from the Fog", started December 2012.

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